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As part of the whole not-sitting-still thing, I love to write non-fiction as well.


Check out some of my articles published in The Gospel Coalition Australia:

"It's a Wonderful Life (Even When It's Not)" [19th December, 2023]

"Seek Daily, Not Weekly Bread" [28th February, 2023]

"Infertility and the Author of Life" [6th February, 2023]

"The True Guardian Arrives" [12th December, 2022]

"The Unravelling: Lessons from God's Pruning" [7th November, 2019]

"Why I Write Christian Fiction - Specifically Fantasy" [4th December, 2019]

...and also on Lorehaven:

How Stories Physically Reshape Our Brains for Good or Ill [21st March, 2024]

...and also some articles published on The Valley:

"Women in the Valley: Jasmine's Story" [2nd March, 2022]

"Living With a Thorn in the Flesh" [1st June, 2022]

"One Set of Footprints: What It Means for God to Carry You Through Suffering" [21st September, 2022] Part 1 & Part 2

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