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The Darcentaria Duology

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A romantic historical fantasy transformation of the epic Ben-Hur, The Darcentaria Duology is a sweeping saga of adventure, betrayal, true love, hope, and sacrifice about the dangers of lost innocence and the darkness that dwells in all of us.

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#1: The Sword in His Hand


Genre: Christian romantic historical fantasy


Suggested audience: 15+ (mature themes and some violence but no profanity, or sexually explicit material)


A young woman fleeing the horrors of World War II is astonished to find an undiscovered medieval world when her plane crashes in the Bermuda Triangle. Forced to join forces with a gifted but troubled warrior-prince to survive, El’s knowledge might just be the key to winning their civil war… but how can she share it, when the world she’s stumbled upon is altogether too much like the one she left behind?

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#2: The Secret of Fire

The gripping conclusion to The Darcentaria Duology. Available now!

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Character Art

El Commission Portrait - Laura Hollingsw

More Fun Stuff


Are you on Pinterest? Check out my Pinterest board for The Darcentaria Duology!

I used Artbreeder to create realistic digital portraits of the main characters. From left to right you have:

Top row: Jedidiah, Corlan Kasparian, El, Emery/Costigan, Jurien Arminius

Bottom row: Tamsyn Eiselher, Liadan Dimitriades, Torsten Eiselher, Calomel Sarafian, and Aspen/Jonathan

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Praise for the Duology

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