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  • Can’t I just rely on spellcheck or self-editing software (e.g., Grammarly) to edit my work?"
    These are fantastic tools for every writer. In fact, if you aren’t used to editing your own work, this is something really helpful to become accustomed to in the long run (and if you’re self-publishing, it can save you a lot of money on editors!). But there’s nothing like a human to pick up things that a computer program will miss. For example, what are your innate strengths as a writer? Is your dialogue convincing and engaging? Are your characters relatable and/or compelling? These are things that a human editor will excel at noticing. Besides, writing and publishing are lonely endeavors (trust me, I know). Why not run your manuscript past someone uniquely placed to grasp your authorial vision and champion your story?
  • How do I know which type of editing I need?
    If this is your first work, you will probably require some form of developmental/content editing. Some people can skip this stage by giving their work-in-progress to beta readers to iron out any plot/character/craft issues straight off the bat, but generally speaking, your manuscript will need a developmental edit to whip it into the best possible version of itself. You will almost always need a copy/line edit (usually after your second or third draft), and I would strongly advise you get a proofread as well (although, if you’re self-publishing, this could be done by a friend who’s really, really good at spelling and grammar and picking up typos). This is generally not something you can do yourself, as it requires you to see your work with “fresh eyes." If you’re unsure as to what type of editing you might require, please feel free to send me a sample of your work. I’ll also be upfront with you if I feel your work doesn’t need a developmental edit.
  • How long will it take to edit my manuscript?
    It depends on the length and type of edit required, but generally, I have a turnaround of about two to four weeks (actual editing time) on a manuscript of 100,000 words (a bit longer for non-fiction projects). When I receive your booking, I will set aside a block of time in my calendar to devote to your manuscript/project. If I’m heavily booked, or if you’re working to a future deadline, I may book a time slot with you several months in advance.
  • How long will you take to respond to emails?
    I reply to emails quite quickly, usually within 24 hours (please remember I am based near Sydney, Australia, so there might be a small time lag).
  • I can see from your website that you’re Australian. Can you still edit my manuscript if it’s written in US English?
    Yep, I’m Australian, so British/Australian English is my native language 😉. But as an author myself, I write for the US market, so I’m familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style and The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. Unless you specify otherwise, I will be editing your work according to these style guides.
  • What are my payment options and when will I need to pay?
    I accept payment through PayPal. Due to the significant investment of time that editing requires, I ask for 50% of the payment upfront (prior to beginning work on your manuscript). The other 50% is payable prior to the delivery of the edited manuscript and editorial report (I will email you when this is ready).
  • What do I need to send you?
    Please use this form to contact me for initial enquiries. Eventually, you will need to send me your work-in-progress as a Microsoft Word document. I would appreciate if your work could be formatted in a readable 12-point font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri). Please, no teeny tiny margins (1” is preferable).
  • Why isn't your editing sampler free?
    My editing sampler option was free for around two years, but I'm now offering it as a nominal cost (AUD$10). The reason for this is to deter those authors (thankfully only a handful of people) who were using this option as a way to get free feedback on the first chapter of their story. Editing samplers take up to two hours to complete, and since this is a large chunk of unpaid work that takes me away from my existing clients, I prefer to do them for authors who are actually considering booking in for an edit (though there's never any pressure to book in after a sample edit).
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