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Regency & Regicide


What's it About?

Regicide at Four. Supper Strictly at Eight.

When aspiring young novelist Miss Diana Crewe falls asleep on her manuscript in early nineteenth century England, the last thing she expects is to wake in the middle of the world she’s created…a world in which, she’s horrified to discover, she’s both venerated as a goddess and decried as a villain. Pulled into the story alongside her is her closest childhood friend and rival author, Ignatius (Nash) Sinclair, who has spent the last year keeping Diana at a distance, seeming to prefer the company of his abolitionist friends.

But when the dream doesn’t end as expected and the tumultuous world around Diana and Nash proves to be all too real, the friends must put aside their differences to find a way home…even as Diana’s budding attachment to the dashing outlaw Locke Moray rapidly erodes her desire to leave. But not all heroes are as they seem, and when the characters of Diana’s imagination overstep their bounds and threaten her very life, Diana is forced to realize that the resolution she so deeply desires might have been right in front of her this whole time…

Regency & Regicide is a standalone romantic historical fantasy adventure in which Jane Austen's Emma meets Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe, with a light sprinkling of monsters

(Coming August 15, 2024)

Character Art

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