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The Soul Mark Duology

In a world where the pursuit of absolution comes at the cost of stolen innocence, can mercy triumph over judgement? 


Condemned for life to the fearsome prison-island of Azazel for accidental murder, a young woman enlists the unlikely help of a red fox and a good-hearted guard filled with doubt to save her beloved sister from the clutches of an evil pirate lord.


The Soul Mark is the Grand Prize Winner of Mountain Brook Ink's 2021 Fire Award and is available to purchase now.

What's it About?

The World of Azazel

Here's a sneak peek at the map of Azazel, the setting for most of the duology:

All the settlements on the prison-island of Azazel are named after plants with poisonous qualities. You may also notice that the compass rose doesn't point North--this is deliberate!

Character Art

More Fun Stuff

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Fire Award Winner Graphic.png

Nineteen-year-old Sela is a murderer.

After being sentenced to death for the accidental killing of a wealthy, well-connected man, Sela Meriweather is offered another option—to be stripped of her soul and sentenced to lifetime exile on Azazel, the vast prison-island. There, alongside "dangerous" criminals like herself, firstborn children of the Old Town chosen by the lot are sent to atone for the sins of their families.


As one of the elected Righteous, Caleb Alexander's path to widespread renown is guaranteed so long as he can endure a year as an overseer on Azazel, preventing the other guards from fraternizing with the prisoners. But as he finds himself drawn to Sela, Caleb wrestles with the implications of his new role and the laws forbidding contact between jailer and prisoner. Could a woman like Sela truly be soulless?

While Caleb tries to resist his growing attraction, Sela struggles with the weight of her sins and the past she has kept from Caleb. But when mutiny against the Old Town brews on Azazel, Sela and Caleb must work together to stay alive...and to uncover the truth behind the very powers that created Azazel in the first place.

A Christian allegory inspired by Leviticus 16:10, The Soul Mark Duology is set in an exotic fantasy world reminiscent of PoldarkPirates of the Caribbean, and The Count of Monte Cristo and is a fast-paced, action-filled tale of forbidden love, high adventure, devastating betrayal, and unexpected redemption, exploring the nature of God’s forgiveness in a world where mercy and judgement are considered to be at odds.

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The action-packed and nail-biting sequel to The Soul Mark, Carver of Souls, is out now!

Aussie readers might like to order from The Wandering Bookseller.

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