The Soul Mark Duology

[Currently under development]

Genre: Christian romantic historical fantasy

Suggested audience: 16+ (mature themes but no gratuitous violence or sexually explicit material)

In a world where the pursuit of absolution comes at the cost of stolen innocence, can mercy triumph over judgement? 


Condemned for life to the fearsome prison-island of Azazel for accidental murder, a young woman enlists the unlikely help of a red fox and a good-hearted guard filled with doubt to save her beloved sister from the clutches of an evil pirate lord.

A Christian allegory inspired by Leviticus 16:10, #1: The Rendering and #2: Carver of Souls are set in an exotic fantasy world reminiscent of PoldarkPirates of the Caribbean, and The Count of Monte Cristo and form a fast-paced, action-filled tale of forbidden love, high adventure, devastating betrayal, and unexpected redemption, exploring the nature of God’s forgiveness in a world where mercy and judgement are considered to be at odds.

Mockup Covers

The Rendering Mockup Cover 2.png
Carver of Souls Mockup Cover.png

The World of Azazel

Here's a sneak peak at the map of Azazel, the setting for most of the duology:

It's just a rough sketch for now... official map to come!

Fun fact: All the settlements on the prison-island of Azazel are named after plants with poisonous qualities.

Character Art

Coming soon!

More Fun Stuff

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