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"Working with a new-to-you editor is always a bit nerve-racking, but after a sample edit, I knew my book was in the best of hands with Jasmine. Her corrections were spot-on, her comments always encouraging, and her word choice suggestions perfect for the characters and setting. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"




"I found Jasmine very easy to work with. As an author, she respects how much work it takes to get our writing to the editing desk. Jasmine has a good grasp of publisher’s expectations and the market I’m writing for.  Her comments, corrections and suggestions were delivered in an honest and kind manner, and I appreciated her expertise. Thank you, Jasmine!"



"I’d been nervous about working with an editor but found that Jasmine was so wonderful to talk with and her feedback was helpful and encouraging. I look forward to working with her again!"



"Jasmine was wonderful to work with on developmental edits to my novel. She had extremely helpful and insightful feedback, and that feedback gave me the boost I needed to start querying agents. And because she is such a talented author herself, I know her opinions and perspectives are coming from a deep knowledge about, and understanding of, the craft of writing. I'm bringing all my future books to her for editing."

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Author & Editor

"Jasmine was so wonderful to work with! Not only was she supportive and encouraging, she was great at calling out the weak points of my storytelling, and the "habitual mistakes" that I often slip into. She had a solid knowledge of story and genre expectations and a quick eye for errors. It's a good sign when editorial feedback leaves me inspired and excited to get back into revisions!"



Author & Editor

"Jasmine is a pleasure to work with, professional and knowledgeable, and is an editor this editor is happy to send her books off to."



"It's hard to let a stranger critique your work, but Jasmine makes the process fun and incredibly worthwhile. She is kind and easy to work with. While professional and honest, she balances critique with plenty of praise. Her edits are plentiful and detailed; her editorial reports are in-depth and show she takes the time to understand your story; and her emails are friendly and sent in a timely manner. I'll definitely be returning to her when I need more editing services!"



"JJ Fischer is worth her weight in starlight and diamonds. When she edits my novels, she sees the heart and vision of my stories and helps me give them wings. With her kind and constructive comments and feedback, JJ bestows both the tools and confidence to help me polish my work. I wouldn't want to release a story into the world without her help."



"I have had the privilege of connecting with Jasmine Fischer over the last few months in the search for how to develop my ramblings into a cohesive memoir. She has been nothing short of brilliant and I couldn't have chosen a more encouraging mentor! Her constructive feedback for my first attempt at bringing a memoir to life has been the catalyst to overcoming doubt about taking this enormous step. Thank you, Jasmine, it has truly been a delight."



"Jasmine was the full package as an editor. She was kind but honest in her feedback, and worked diligently through both my grammatical shortcomings and plot holes. I used both her developmental and copyline services and she did not disappoint. My manuscript is coming together better than I'd imagined for my first novel. I was certainly nervous to bring this messy manuscript to someone for utter destruction, but Jasmine was understanding and could see the potential in the story. I'll be working with her again for the next book!"

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