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Get To Know Me:

What are your qualifications?

I completed my Bachelor degree in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2012, winning the Dean’s Medal for academic excellence. I went on to complete a Bachelor degree in Psychology where I was awarded the University Medal and First Class Honors. I completed my studies with a Master of Clinical Psychology in 2016. As a result, I’m experienced in both fiction and non-fiction forms and I have strong creative and analytical skills. So you can hand me your book or your thesis to edit—I don’t mind!

What are your strengths as an editor?

While I have a good eye for detail (an essential skill for any copy editor or proofreader), I’m particularly good when it comes seeing to the “big picture”—that is, analyzing how well a book hangs together, what a writer requires to develop and polish their craft further, and whether or not character development and dialogue is convincing.

What do you like to read/edit?

When it comes to fiction, I generally read quite widely, although fantasy, historical fiction, and romance are my favorite genres. In non-fiction, my expertise lies in the humanities and social sciences, but I’m open to editing anything in other areas. While the below information is given with fiction manuscripts in mind (middle grade/YA/adult), you can also contact me about your:

  • Non-fiction work (e.g., devotionals, newspaper/magazine articles).

  • Personal writing (e.g., memoirs, blog posts)

  • Academic, business, or technical writing (e.g., promotional materials, websites, essays, reports, speeches, theses/dissertations, training manuals, study guides, textbooks)


Working on something outside these guidelines? Don’t hesitate to get in contact using this form.

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