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What You Can Expect From Me:

  • Professional and timely responses to emails.

  • An editor with a sense of humor (I mean, editing is hard enough without making it boring/depressing, right?).

  • A “strengths-based” assessment. It’s crucial to know not only what needs refining, but what you’re doing well. I will share with you what I consider to be your unique strengths as a writer, in addition to some suggestions for growth.

  • A preservation of your unique voice. My role isn’t to rewrite your story, but to offer suggestions as to how it might be the best possible version of itself. You are welcome to reject any of my revisions… this is still YOUR book!

  • Regardless of the type of edit, I will give comprehensive and personalized feedback on your work. For example, for a manuscript assessment, you will receive an editorial report summarizing your manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses. For a development edit or copy/line edit you will receive an editorial report giving some general feedback ­+ track changes and comments throughout your document. 

Click here to download a sample of a (de-identified) editorial report

Click here to download a sample of an edited manuscript with track changes and comments

  • A willingness to admit when I’m not familiar with a particular subject area or type of writing upfront. I don’t know everything, and like any editor, I have my strengths and weaknesses. I will always be upfront with you if I’m not the best person to edit your book, and if this is the case, you won’t be charged anything for my services.


  • I won’t edit books with explicit sexual content (e.g., erotica), gore, excessive swearing, or gratuitous violence. Think a content rating of PG-13 as per the US content rating system (for Australian writers: M).

  • I prefer not to edit books that are wholly or largely written with the help of Large Language Model (LLM) Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

  • I reserve the right to discontinue my services if I do not feel your work is right for me or if I do not think we can work well together. You deserve an editor who engages 100% with your work and is entirely on board with your vision. If I cannot fulfill this brief, you will receive a full refund.

  • My strengths lie more in prose than poetry and screenplays. I read (and sometimes write) poetry, but I have very little experience in editing it. The same goes for screenplays.

  • In editing your work, I cannot be held responsible for any informational inconsistencies. I will notify you if I pick up anything that doesn’t fit your genre or setting, but research and fact checking is the responsibility of the author. If you are writing on a niche subject, you may want to consider running your manuscript past an expert in that area before submitting it for editing.

  • If sending me a sample of your work, please ensure it is representative of the standard of the remaining document.

  • I primarily edit according to the latest versions of the Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition) and The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style (4th Edition). However, I have some familiarity with other styles. Please just ask!

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