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 About Me


If you don’t know me personally, you should understand that there are basically two writers stuck inside of me.

Oh, it’s hardly a case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. We don’t kill people. (Real people, that is. Fictional people are fair game.)

The first writer basically likes to make memes. A lot. Nine times out of ten, if you see a post on my Facebook page or blog, it’s been created for your viewing pleasure by Dr Fun. Dr Fun also likes to write about chickens, how The Lord of the Rings and The Simpsons apply to pretty much every aspect of life, and why lasagne and Korg should both be declared national treasures. There’s also a lot of whingeing about Luke Skywalker.

Like, a lot.

Dr Fun is the one who says every now and then, “Hey Jasmine, why don’t we write a sappy romantic comedy and make millions?” or “You could be the very first to publish a meme anthology depicting the prevailing zeitgeist of our times” when we both know that all I want to write is fantasy, fantasy, fantasy and be eternally poor.

The other half of this iconic duo is Dr Serious (also a doctor - why can’t criminals be doctors too, hmm?). Dr Serious writes deep and meaningful things about faith, social issues, suffering, the process of writing, and the chronic illness that keeps wanting to be my forever friend (to which I say, #itsnotmeitsyou). Dr Serious is great value and her blogs are gritty and thought-provoking, especially since she’s a trained psychologist and she Knows Some Things, but to save things from getting too doomy and gloomy, Dr Fun usually steps in with a meme or two to lighten the atmosphere.


Both Dr Fun and Dr Serious are crazy about Jesus. They both write stories of faith where hope and courage are tested, evil and suffering are confronted and defeated, and love wins the day. Dr Fun and Dr Serious both want to bring readers fiction that feeds the soul.

Together, they wrote The Sword in His Hand, my debut novel which released in February 2021, followed by its sequel, The Secret of Fire, in July 2021. It’s a Christian romantic historical fantasy duology and yes, it has swords. And fire. (Hint: fire has a secret. Shhhh.) That’s all you get for now.

My second duology, The Soul Mark Duology has been contracted for publication and Book 1 released in May 2023. My trilogy, The Nightingale Trilogy, has also now been contracted, with two books now released. Because I don’t like sitting still, I’m now writing a new series (five planned books) and recently finished two standalone novels (coming soon!).

If the thought of all that excites you even a tad, then please feel free to hop on board this crazy author journey of mine, and welcome! If you are simply a lasagne enthusiast or wish to whine about Luke Skywalker more formally, then may I suggest we make another group specifically dedicated to such a purpose. 


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) Version

If you’re into reading things, I’m into writing things.

There’s some seriously wacky psychological dynamic happening here. Come help us figure it out.

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