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Hi There.

I'm Jasmine, an award-winning author of Christian fantasy. 


I love books, chickens, and all things fantasy. I completed my Bachelor degree in English Literature and Creative Writing in 2012. I'm also a qualified psychologist with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in clinical psychology, and my dream is to write stories that weave together my love for Jesus, my passion for mental health, and my struggles with chronic illness.

When tempted away from the keyboard, I enjoy devouring books, dabbling in floristry, thinking about lasagne (yes, I am most likely Garfield in human form), eating peanut butter out of the jar, and wishing it rained more often.

My husband and I make our home a couple of hours' north of Sydney, Australia, where most animals want to kill us and drop bears enforce a daily reign of terror. If you're reading this, please send help.

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